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Here at V&L Tool, LLC we pride ourselves on being a single source solution for manufacturing within close and exact tolerances. Our ability to manufacture any machine component on conventional or CNC equipment provide V&L Tool with an industry known competitive edge. Outsourcing By partnering with V&L Tool, LLC, you can instantaneously expand your manufacturing freedom by 120,000 square feet with full operational CNC machining capabilities. We are fully outfitted with an entire range of equipment, from lathes to 5-axis machining centers, and are prepared to help add to your expanding operations. contact us

V and L ISO Certification


V&L Tool's culture of quality extends to our Assembly Department where we are dedicated to living up to a 500 dppm acceptance rate.

With our outstanding reputation, climate controlled environment, up-to-date facilities and valued personnel we are known industry wide as a resource that offers to improve lead times and save money.

As a result of our recognition and hard work, V&L has the opportunities and abilities to extend our services globally to companies located in China, Denmark, England, France, Israel, India, Japan, and Mexico.

Areas Of Expertise

V & L Tool Production Floor

  • Wiring
  • Wire Stripping
  • Building of Connectors
  • Cabling
  • Soldering
  • Electro Static Discharge
  • Software/Computer Customizing
  • HVAC Certified Personal
  • Circuit Boards
  • Robotics
  • Touch Screen Enhancements
  • Hydraulics
  • Drive Systems
  • Gear Reduction


V&L Tool's engineering department is experienced in a broad range of industries, and will take your project from drawings to fabrication and prototyping. Additionally, we have the capability to engineer, manufacture and assemble the machining fixtures used in the manufacturing process. We are well versed in Solid Works/Cam Works, AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop and Edge CAM.




V & L Tool Location


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